1. Provide food for one time in a month. For that you have to contribute Rs. 1250 monthly.
2. Adopt a child (The yearly expenditure on a child comes about Rs. 15000.). Contribute Rs. 1250 every month or give all amounts yearly.
3. Contribute for providing teaching facility there. For keeping two teachers there, it costs about Rs. 20000 Monthly.
4. Develop a library for the Ashram
5. Contribute generously according to your own wish. Contribution in any form (books, pens, sports’ material, and any other objects which have some use in home) is accepted.
6. Give a visit to the Ashram.

Bank account detail for Donation:

Account Name: Sewa Samarpan Sansthan
Account Number: 010703990890
Bank Address: State Bank of India, Renukut, Sonbhadra, UP.
Branch Code: SBIN 0001622

Note: You will get tax rebate on donation.

Address For Sending Cheques:

Shanta Kumar
Room No: 33, Hostel-Nilgiri NTPC
Rihand Nagar Bijpur,
Uttar Pradesh - 231223