-> Chhatrawas (Hostel-cum-school )

Students in these areas are not getting better ambience for education. For all round development of some tribal students from different parts of this district, two hostels one at Karidar, Chapki and another at Bari, Dala are run. About 95 students are availing its benefit in these two hostels. They are getting education till class 6ththere in the Ashram and after that they have to go nearby high-school at the distance of 7km by bicycle daily.

Students are trained in archery, their traditional sport. Every year about 10-12 students are selected by national sport authority.

Students are financially helped for continuing for higher education.

-> Balwadi Kendra

This is run just like a primary school in those villages where there is no functional government schools. Such schools have educated people of the remotest area. Earlier total number of such schools was 26, but it is now run at 8 places only. The rest is now run by Government.