Sewa Kunj Ashram

A hope for children of tribal of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh!

Most of these tribal population have been making their livelihood on traditional means. Small Chinese gadgets and Chinese watches are a few luxury items which introduce them about the modern tech. world. Education was something alien for them. In such a scenario of destitution, people are sinking in darkness. Here, criminality is on high rate. They have no hope.

SewaSewasamarpan Sansthan brought a hope for these community by opening an hostel named Sewa Kunj Ashram at Karinar, Bhabhani Block, Sonbhadra. Presently 90 children are taken care of at this Ashram. They are provided shelter, food, clothes and the most important education.

Sewa Kunj - Gurukul

A gurukul is located in Karinar near Chapki in Bhabhani Block. Presently Ninty tribal children from all remote parts of Sonbhadra district are studying in the Ashram. As they all belong to extremely poor background (economically, culturally), Ashram provides food, clothes etc. The most peculiar thing is the disciplined life of children which is inculcated among them through Gurukul culture. Because of this disciplined life many students had done well in past academically and became role model for their villagers.

Sonbhadra is the only district of Uttar Pradesh where tribal population live. There are fourteen different type of tribal population. They all are living in villages mostly in scattered fashion. Collecting leaves and selling them was the prime occupation of these people which is mostly executed by women. Because of rocky land, produce of agriculture is not sufficient to provide food year long. Many of them also eat flowers of Mahua. They also make local wine from flowers of Mahua for self consumption as well as selling in market. The modern life of cities had ot yet touched their life. Because of various power Industries in this district, many of them have got labour work. Although they got some cash money, but they still longed for education and better cultured life.

In such scenario, Ashram is boon for these people. With time Ashram made a place in the heart of common people of Sonbhadra and now large number (this year five hundred) 0f people are turning to Ashram waiting for getting chance their son get enrolled in the Ashram. But we have little resources to accept all children. Currently seventy five children are getting education in the Ashram.

For For the kudos of Ashram, one student had completed and Two are pursuing his engineering from a reputed college at Noida. Two students went in Army and many became teacher in schools.

Archery is natural skill of these tribes. Ashram also provides training to them. Many of them have won Gold Medal in nationals.

With your participation and help Ashram will provide help to more children.